26 May 2012

Quick Reviews: Chicklits and Romances

Of all the chick-lit, YA, romance, and other books like these I'm reading, I'm starting to think I'm a closet romantic/idealist. I've always thought I was more of a realist, but maybe not... Too bad my mystery/crime book obsession was before I started this blog... hrmm... maybe this is just a phase. *shrugs* We'll see.

For now, here's some quick reviews on some chick-lits and romances I've read.


A Girl Like You by Gemma Burgess
I absolutely adored this charming, little novel! I thought the main character, Abigail Wood, was such a doll. But a quirky one. She was fun and wonderfully smashing! The male lead, Robert, was definitely swoon-worthy. Oh. And funny, too.

This novel was, quite simply, beautiful, in only the way life can be. The struggles that the two protagonists went through were so nitty gritty and I could see a real person, like a friend or an acquaintance, experiencing them. It wasn't all charm and perfection. And the friendship that the two had may have had me wanting to pull my hair out, but it felt so real, as did all the feelings, both bad and good. The development of both characters, Dexter more than Emma, was drastic, but it was a slow development as it would in life. The way it was told, the same day annually over a course of two decades was unique and flowed very well.

This is a love story between the two characters and the problems thrown at them. Some of the situations had me laughing in my head, which is always a good thing. The two protagonists were silly, especially Heaven, but in an adorable way.


Out of all these stories, this one is probably the most cliched when it came to the protagonists. Neve was the run of the mill heroine, except with (huge) weight/self-esteem issues, and with little to no experience with pleasure in the bedroom (can we stop with this cliche? please?). And Max, the sexy lady killer who had a hidden depth. Of course, they were a bit more complex than the usual light chicklit (not that this wasn't a bit light), but their romance and time together was a nice read. An enjoyable read (hence the four stars!). They were sweet with each other and wonderful together. Both had their internal problems, and by the end of the novel, they were well on their way to getting over them.

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