27 May 2012

Heroine Cliches that are Annoying the MUFFINNUGGETS Out of Me

(Listed in No Particular Order)

1. The Super Bad Ass But Totally Bitchy in a I-Will-Rip-Your-Tongue-Out-If-You-So-Much-As-Look-At-Me-the-Wrong-Way Type of... Bitch
Now, I love bad ass heroines as much as the next person, but there is a thin(ish to wide-ish) line between being strong and being... a total bitch. And not in the I'm-going-to-pretend-to-be-your-friend-but-really-I-hate-your-guts-cause-your-pretty type of bitch, but the totally unapproachable and completely bitchy type of bitch that over reacts to everything. Okay, I get it. You're strong, you're tough. But you're also a total bitch, who bitches on the other type of bitch, and thinks that you're not like them. Yeah, you're not. But sometimes, you're so much worse.

2. The Sexually Repressed But Secretly, and Unknowingly, Sensuous Temptress
3. The One That Hasn't Ever Experienced Good Sex, till now...
4. The Virgin... till now...
Once in awhile, these three types are completely okay. But after awhile, I start to stop reading because this is just so annoying. It's okay to be sexually repressed, and it's okay to not have experienced good sex or just not liked sex. And it's fine to be a virgin. But I feel like there's a subliminal message that says that if you are that sensuous temptress or have had experienced good sex before, or any sex at all (and especially if you've had *gasp* more than 10 lovers), then guess what! No one's going to love you. No one. Not even that super player arsehole dude that you probably wouldn't love anyways, but it wouldn't matter because he only preys on the virginal.

5. The Utterly Beautiful But Doesn't Know It One
Okay, I kind of get this one. A lot of women, and men, feel this way so it's relate-able. It attracts readers that feel like this. But then the writer starts bashing, subtly or very obviously, on the beautiful-and-knows-it girl, as some writers bash on the girls who had more than *gasp* ten, and probably even five, lovers, and then it just gets really, really annoying. What's wrong with knowing that you look good? Especially if you look really, really good. Like some of the heroines, which brings us to...

6. Completely, and Utterly Fantabulously Perfect. In Every Way.
 So... you're super perfect. You're super nice. Or maybe you seem mean but actually, you're super nice. Inside. You know how to unlock the door... without a key! And guess what! It's your first time trying! And guess what else! No one likes you. But, wait! You're so perfect, that everyone likes you!

I can't think of anymore at the moment, but I'll add more when I remember! Till next time...


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